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Hans Van Weerd

Hans van Weerd is a Newport-based (Victoria, Australia) contemporary artist. His great fascination is with people, their faces, their physiques, their postures. Hans is intrigued by what is that makes them individual beings, and aims to capture these differences, moods, gazes.
A biologist by training and having spent the major part of his professional career working in zoos, Hans is also strongly interested in animals and the ever changing natural environment.
Hans is a member of the Victorian Artists' Society and the Hawthorn Artist Society. Most Saturday mornings he can be found in the studio of any of these societies, painting, sketching and drawing, as he does almost daily on the train to and from work, and even at work.
In his childhood years in the Netherlands, Hans was inspired by his father, who was a draughtsman and a painter, and who as a young man in the severe last winter of WW II bartered paintings of farmsteads and their families, for food.
Hans periodically participates in workshops with inspirational contemporary Australian artists such as Yvonne Audette, Marco Luccio, Godwin Bradbeer, Lewis Miller.
Hans regularly exhibits his work at the Victorian Artist Society and elsewhere.

instagram: @hansvanweerd
2014 - 2020 Victorian Artists Society (East Melbourne, VIC)

2017 Oak Hill Gallery (Mornington, VIC)

2017 St John's Southgate (Melbourne, VIC)

2018 Hawthorn Town Hall (Hawthorn, VIC)

2019 Peninsula Art Society (Mornington,  VIC)

2019 Manning Art Gallery (Taree, NSW)

2019 Fortyfive Downstairs (Melbourne, VIC)

2019 Longspace Gallery (Newport, VIC)

2019 Boxhill Townhall (Boxhill, VIC)

I was accepted to have a stand at The Other Art Fair (Sydney, NSW) in 2020, and a solo-exhibition at the Fortyfive Downstairs Gallery (Melbourne, VIC), also in 2020. Both have been postponed due to Covid-19.

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