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Louis Sauter

My name is Louis Sauter, biologist, school leader and enthusiastic part-time photographer.
25 years ago, I started photography as an art form. Landscape photography was my first love, later I combined landscape photography with model photography. So, I used to work in outside locations. I did not shy away to use mysticism and mystery in my photography.
This soon resulted in a project "the four elements", in which I attempted to incorporate the four elements as an aspect determining factors in my photos of in this case nude models in landscape. In the first place I naturally used color photography, how else can you illustrate fire. I soon realized that black and white photography is more powerful than color photography, because you only photograph the essence of black and white photography. That’s why I consciously use artistic nude or rather figure photography to abstract the image.
Everything revolves around content, form, composition and context. My technical equipment consists of a canon eos 5ds-r camera and usually 2 lenses: 28-70mm and 100mm.
Unfortunately, the project was limited to my website, although I have exhibited a number of images of it in various places in the Netherlands (2015, 2018 Huntenkunst Ulft NL, 2017 erotic art Miami USA, 2017 Galerie Sous-Terre Kudelstaart - Aalsmeer NL). Building on this project, I decided to choose the path of nude in nature in my black and white photography, trying to place a vulnerable, yet strong woman on carefully selected outdoor locations.
My knowledge of outside locations in the Netherlands is great thanks to my many years of hike along the Lord's roads in the Netherlands.
This led to the "Mother nature's daughters" project.
Favorite locations are beaches, dune areas (at the seaside but also inland), the Netherlands is rich in such areas. They are characteristic of nature and the environment in the Netherlands. I also sought refuge in spring forests, especially those with an exuberant soil vegetation that gave me a rewarding background for my photography. A very special environment to which I have pledged my heart are the mud flats and salt marshes in the coastal areas of the Netherlands. I live in a small town in the southwest of the Netherlands where swallows and salt marshes are common along the Scheldt.
BnW fotografie - figuur op locatie en landschapsfotografie
2015, 2018, 2019 Huntenkunst Ulft
2017 Erotic art Miami USA
2017 Galerie Sous-Terre Kudelstaart-Aalsmeer NL
2018 Marziart Hamburg
2018 Vegesacker Kunstherbst Bremen
2019 Huntenkunst Ulft
2019 Design Awards Como Italië
2019 Pollux awards FotoNostrum Barcelona Spanje
2019 Biënnale Venetië Italië
2020 Anna-locatie Vijverberg 2 Den Haag
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