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Maggia Swets

A visual whisper, thoughts, and interpretations fall away, sensory perception emerges driven by curiosity,
Finding my way to connect and to make it visible.
The movement of insect wings, the rustle of the wind, curling waves, they are a metaphor for the underlying force of existence. This reflection of infinity plays an important role in my subjects. My intention is to look for a balance between the reflection and what we see. A poetic spectacle of shades of blue, templates burned with a soldering iron and printed. a world where the wind whispers and your breath takes you to the world of infinity.
Abstract Expressionisme
Mixed Media Printing
Au Galerie d'Art Vergt Dordogne 2015
Au Galerie d'Art Vergt Dordogne 2016
Sauter Wijnen Bussum Netherlands 2017
Kasteel Groeneveld Fouleix Art Painters 2018
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