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Margreet Blaas

learning to become a figurative painter, the focus was mainly on technical rights and wrongs, wich can suck the life out of intuition and creative inspiration. So, I choose to developed as an autodidact painter. My paintings gives a direct acces to the path of my intuive process. By choosing this path the paintings emerge from the canvas as purely as possible. According to me painting is an inner calling, for me a gift to develop. A vocation that makes you one with the moment and the art. Painting can be difficult, deep and exhilarating when i allow the paint and process to have a spirit of its own as it connects with my spirit. Painting is a proces that’s like a conversation between material, idea and self.

I am attracted to the undiscovered, to a mystery, a memory or a story. I work from the unconscious-conscious mind and my imagination. The images that are created in this proces start slowly to separate themselves from me. They start to live their own lives as it were, and then speak to me. Tell me how they want to be represented and painted.
Through my intuition and imagination, I follow my inner voices. Whilst painting, figures flow together with their environments. They seem to support each other and dissolve at the same time. In this way, step by step, lively and inspired paintings are created.

The subjects often show a magically realistic dream world. In this, not always recognizable reality, the subject is symbolic and placed in a world of intuitive brush marks and colours. It is a subjective and emotional approach to reality, in which experience becomes more important than the familiar and tangible reality.

Skilled as a traditional painter of Realism, i feel that this field is open for exploration . Realism is my starting point, my focus and skill that also invites me to deviated from the norms of Realism. These deviations wich may involve one or more formal elements, are made intentionally to serve expressive purpose. By ‘disrupting” and expanding the tradition of Realism the paintings now allows me to transform images as they search for associations, memory’s or transitory meanings.
For me my work is refreshing as a painter, a journey of discovery to unknown destinations.
01-2020 Galerie Nimis Bussum Nederland
26-09-2019 Kunststation Uden Nederland
16-09-2019 Galerie Sous Terre Aalsmeer
02-09-2017 Kunstmarkt Bussum Nederland
06-07-2017 Aiapi-Unesco Italië
24-06-2017 Galerie Sous Terre Lithoijen
19-05-2017 Galerie Arte Temporale Bussum
04-02-2017 Galerie Arte Temporale Bussum
12-11-2016 Kunstdagen Eindhoven Nederland
28-10-2016 Weekend van het Portrait Amsterdam
21-10-2016 Atelier Route Bussum Nederland
24-09-2016 Adaf Amsterdam Nederland
01-06-2016 Museum Hilversum Hilversum
16-04-2016 Art Eindhoven Eindhoven, Nederland
15-06-2015 Museum Hilversum Hilversum
08-06-2015 Galerie GSA Hilversum Nederland
16-05-2015 Atelier Route Hilversum Nederland
19-04-2015 Galerie Ton de Kruijck Bussum
11-04-2015 Community Centre Addlestone UK
30-11-2014 Now Art, Grote kerk Breda
19-11-2014 Now Art, Posthoorn Kerk Breda
15-11-2014 Galerie Ton de Kruijck Bussum
04-10-2014 Duna Atelier Katwijk Nederland
30-05-2014 Galerie GSA Hilversum Nederland
10-05-2014 Museum Hilversum Hilversum
28-02-2014 Hotspot Breukelen Nederland
09-02-2014 Kunstdag Amsterdam Nederland
17-09-2012 Atelier 57 Boskoop Nederland
15-06-2012 Zomerexpo, Gemeente MuseumDen Haag
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